Big thanks

Dear Allah ....

I start the day by thanking you, Allah that i am still alive
be able to watch the sun and sky one more ....

I thank you, Allah for the up and downs that keep life interesting.
That no matter what happend, you keep entertaining me with your sense of humor.
I get it... I truly get it.
It's Just, sometimes i can't laugh immediately.

I thank you, Allah for the strength that keep me going.
I belive, you want me to get the best lesson in life.
If everything so easy, i won't grow.
and it's more painful for you to watch me defeated for nothing.
You prefer me to fight, win and grow.

Making sure i took that the right way, making sure that i'm necessary battle.
I thank you, Allah for your love,
for the love i have in my heart for other and love i get from other.
It's buy a full awareness, I felt the immense power of love change me.

I thank you, Allah for clarity. This my wish, give ease to my heart.
Please make me understand what's needed. Please send me peace ....


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